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The Carolina Layaway Grail - The Welders

"Nora Achrati is tremendously appealing as Diana, the sole surviving offspring of her tall-tale-telling grandpa..." - Washington City Paper

Wake Up, Brother Bear! - Imagination Stage 

Achrati has a beautiful balance of high energy and subtle moments as she guides her young audience or “little people” through the interactive experience.

- DC Metro Theater Arts

Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave - The Hub Theatre

"meaningful and gripping, particularly when [scenes] feature performers Christian and Achrati."

- The Washington Post

The Norwegians - Scena Theatre

"As brilliant as the men are, they are outshined by Nora Achrati as Olive and Nanna Ingvarsson as Betty. Their chemistry is undeniable, and it is easy to be in their corner, cheering them on as they seek revenge on the men who have hurt them." - BroadwayWorld

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